Use space where it isn’t needed

This innovative system is the ideal solution for the storage of wafer cassettes, FOUPs and other material carriers where floor space is limited and very valuable.  Without using costly clean room floor space, the FlatStocker hangs from the ceiling and can be designed to handle variety of cassette types.  FlatStocker provides carrier id information, in real time, to the customer’s MCS (Material Control System) using RFID technology.Connection to a transportation system like overhead transport carriers, a conveyor system or both, combined with vertical lifts, enables the system to quickly store or retrieve lots.This simple design is based on proven industrial components. This enables great flexibility in laying out the most effective configurations to meet the customer’s storage requirements and available space.


  • Storage of wafer cassettes and other material carriers underneath the cleanroom ceiling
  • RFID technology enables location tracing of lots in real time
  • SEMI E84 Interface for carrier transfer to other systems
  • Flexible design adjustment according to customer needs up to 14m length