Overview of handling systems

Carrier Handling



Classic robotic cell for automated machine loading and unloading of carriers

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Carriergripper 200

Carrier Gripper

Automated carrier handling system enables handling on existing tools

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Wafer Handling

EASYload with wafers loading a carrier


Transfer system for 200mm and 300mm wafers

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Wafergripper 450mm

Wafer Gripper, 100 to 450 mm

Gripper system for automated handling of single wafers in various sizes

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Reticle Handling

Active Mask Gripper in the Cleanroom


High cleanroom quality for EUV-Lithography reticle handling by Fabmatics

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Reticle Gripper

Reticle Gripper

Gripper for safe and reliable handling of individual photomasks

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Mobile Robots

The HERO ® FAB 200 with four buffers for SMIF pods


Mobile robot system for quick transport and automatic handling of wafer cassettes

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Mobile Robot SCOUT® active


Autonomously navigating vehicle as the flexible alternative to fixed installed transport systems

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Handling Tools

FOUP Opener


Manual instrument to open and lock 300mm FOUPs with two hands

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