RFID-based solutions for storage, transport, and inventory


Load Port´s

Slim Load Port

The RFID-based load ports are stations for the manual input and output of 300mm FOUPs into or out of an automatic overhead transport system.

Smart Load Port

Slim Load Port

RFID Trolley


The stainless steel transport trolley combines a simple, manual transport solution with secure, fast product identification.

RFID Trolley


RFID racks (AWIC®, ARIC)

RFID rack storage place to identify carrier boxes

RFID based storage bins provide fast, targeted inventory taking and make storage processes traceable.

RFID racks



Direction change of 200mm wafer boxes moving on roller conveyors via turntableTransport systems equipped with RFID allow the tracking of material carriers through the production.

Conveyor transport system


Zero Footprint Storage

Zero Fottprint Storage

Save valuable floorspace by storing wafer cassettes and FOUPs underneath the cleanroom ceiling. The inventory is made by RFID.