Overview of transport systems

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

The HERO ® FAB 200 with four buffers for SMIF pods


Mobile robot system for quick transport and automatic handling of wafer cassettes

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Advanced mobile robot for transportation and handling of reticle pods

HERO Scout

Mobile robot for flexible and safe reticle transport and handling

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Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV)



Rail-guided transport and automated handling system for wafer cassettes

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Person Guided Vehicle (PGV)

RFID trolley for the cleanroom

RFID trolley

Ideal logistics solution for fab areas where automatic transport is not possible or necessary

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Roller conveyor with turntables and lifts for wafer transport on two levels

Conveyor system

Automated conveyor system for clean rooms.

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Smart Load Port

Smart Load Port

Input/Output station with two ports and operator GUI for manual access

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Fabmatics GmbH

Slim Load Port

Slim input/output station for manual access at any location of the factory

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