Carrier handling

The last few meters in the production process between the transport system and the production system are often still bridged with manual intervention. However, in order to be able to integrate this area completely with the automation chain, we have developed corresponding solutions for loading machines with handling robots.

200mm Carrier HandlingThis places our customers in a position that makes them capable of moving materials fully automatically between existing transport systems (or an input/output station as an interface to non-automated factory areas) and a load port of a production equipment. This machine loading is also able to be automated at locations where non-standardized, manual loading processes were previously required.

Based on the current conditions on-location, we select the right model from a range of robot types for a precise material transfer. In this case, both mobile and permanently installed solutions are possible, depending on which model matches your requirements best of all. The mapping function can be integrated with the robot arm directly.

Our portfolio includes:

Wafer handling

200mm Wafer HandlingBesides handling carriers and production lots, we are also capable of handling wafers up to ISO-1 class environments. In this case, we are even capable of automating logistically complex processes that previously required a high degree of manual energy. This includes transferring between various cassette types, filling with test or dummy wafers, sorting, wafer identification, slotmap scanning, and notch-alignment of wafers.

We offer you:

Reticle Handling

Automated Reticle HandlingOur automation solutions for reticle handling take over the loading and unloading of reticles from and into reticle SMIF pods, transfer from load port to image recording system, pellicle or edge detection, visual inspection of the reticle, fully automatic reticle rotation and reticle flip.

In addition, Fabmatics is one of the pioneers in the world with handling and robotics solutions that meet the challenges of EUV lithography for nanostructures. Our handling systems for EUV-reticle are available as stand-alone devices, e.g. as a reticle sorter as well as an equipment front end module, e.g. as a loading system.

Handling of additional materials

Our experienced Fabmatics team of precision mechanics, mechanical engineers, electronics technicians and software specialists develops and designs handling technology, robot solutions and automation systems for other materials and products, such as PCBs, sample holders and micro parts and glass substrates. Take advantage of our inventive talent and contact us! We are eager to meet your requirements.