Software solutions

To control automation solutions, we have developed a software framework that enables both system controls as well as flexible implementation of different scenarios. Based on individual customer needs and the customer’s existing software architecture, our team of experts adapts the corresponding components for any control level and links these with the existing MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

As a systems integrator, Fabmatics provides software that has been developed in-house:

  • For controlling individual automated components (Low Level Controller) like transport systems, RFID, input/output stations, lifters, robot cells
  • For the integration of complex automation systems including interaction with MES production controller software (Cluster Controller)

The host interface of the cluster controllers may also be adjusted specifically to the customer’s IT architecture to achieve seamless integration of automation systems with the factory’s existing software landscape. Among others, standard interfaces like SECS-II/HSMS and VFEI on TIB-RV are available.

Modern GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) provide extensive control and monitoring options both for the operator as well as the service personnel.

If requested, we can also include highly available solutions for critical systems components (Hot Standby) in order to ensure uninterrupted functionality of the automation clusters in case of errors.