RFID solutions

In order to quickly and easily identify materials in the production process, we offer customer-specific RFID systems in various frequency ranges. These are especially designed for use in cleanrooms, are able to be integrated smoothly at various points, and they support established interface standards. Our current product portfolio includes the complete RFID range for precision integration or as mobile read/write devices featuring matching accessories and corresponding applications.

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Therefore, you should automate your product identification

A seamless, 100 per cent identification of lots, wafers, and other products and equipment forms the necessary basis for any intralogistics automation. For this reason, we also offer solutions for retrofitting factories with RFID identification systems (conversion of cassettes/carriers to include RFID tags, conversion of production systems to include RFID readers). For this, existing wafer cassettes will be retrofited with RFID tags, and required identification positions (e.g. load ports) will be equipped with RFID readers.

All RFID components from Fabmatics guarantee first-class quality down to the smallest details. Adjustments and optimizations based on individual customer requests are always possible. You can be sure that the RFID solutions provided by Fabmatics are matched exactly to your individual production requirements.