We accompany you on your way to fab automation

Our numerous years of experience in the area of factory automation make us capable of implementing demanding fab automation projects in terms of both technical and commercial capacities. As a general contractor, we cover the complete project, from planning to transfer of the finished, ready-to-use systems, and following this, we also assume a comprehensive support role during the complete useful life of the system.

Starting with the customer’s needs, we develop matching systems needed to replace the manual connection between two process steps, even at positions where automation previously seemed impossible. We carefully select the suitable hard and software components from our portfolio and from the portfolio of our best-in-class partners and combine these to produce a perfectly thought-out and reliable overall system.

Our service portfolio:


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For new systems and existing production environments

Our tailor-made automation solutions assume handling processes of wafers, cassettes and other products in the cleanroom, from identification and localization to transport, storage, and machine loading and unloading. Our intelligent intralogistics systems can be adapted to the requirements and processes of new and existing production lines. Especially in retrofitting 200mm semiconductor factories, we have a unique expertise.

For industries with high cleanliness requirements

We focus on automating fabs in the semiconductor industry. However, we have already served other industries with especially high cleanliness requirements with our automated logistics systems. Our fab automation solutions are suitable for e.g. electronics, medical technology, pharmaceutical industry, photovoltaics or large-scale laboratories.