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Feasibility studies

We analyze your challenges and develop tailor-made solutions for areas requiring manual handling activities at positions where standard solutions didn’t seem applicable.

Process and requirements analysis

The basis of every automation project is formed by a clean process and requirements analysis. We design an implementation concept and a selection of products immediately according to this. Our team of engineers applies the corresponding experience to the customer’s environment and identifies potential sources of errors and difficult areas. The result is an automation concept thoroughly developed together with you that matches your plans exactly.

Material Flow Simulation

Material flow simulation is a powerful tool for analyzing and assessing existing system conditions or for enabling well-founded decisions in automation projects. Using material flow simulation, all relevant logistical processes of a semiconductor fab can be integrated into a single comprehensive and dynamic digital model. The in-depth experimental analysis of this model allows for detailed insights and holistic conclusions about the existing underlying real-world system or can even be used for envisioning the potential dynamics of a non-existing system. This enables our developers and engineers to work with you to minimize risks in the project, create a better understanding of the system and support you effectively in the decision-making process.

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Every customer has their own special requirements. Whether individual products like RFID components or extensive automation systems for process automation are involved, we adjust your products and software with maximum flexibility and our own industrial designers and programmers. This provides you with the solution that’s ideal for you, quickly and reliably.

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