Storage solutions

We connect what’s required with sensible extra features: on the one hand, our storage systems enable secure, space-saving storage that is able to be traced at all times via embedded cassette identification. Besides the solutions integrated with the transport system, we also offer manual and automatic shelves. Especially systems that are installed under the ceiling help to save valuable storage space in the cleanroom and ensure a fast access to the lots.

Our services include:

  • Manually operated storage systems (AWIC, ARIC, Virtual Stocker) for different products (cassettes, boxes, reticle boxes, probe cards), with or without ID Integration
  • FlatStocker for storing cassettes under the ceiling
  • Zero Footprint Storage (ZFS) consisting of conveyor and turntable components
  • CubeStocker – floor-based, fully automated storage system for open 200mm wafer carriers with its own cleanroom atmosphere
  • Automatic storage systems at the operator level

Our storage systems are operated via automatic transport systems (AGV, RGV, AMHS) and are suitable for factories up to cleanroom class ISO3 (US Federal Standard 1).

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