RFID as Missing Link

On the carrier, RFID turned out to be the most suitable way of identification. Affixing the transponders was the biggest challenge. The solution, developed by Fabmatics, is ultrasonic welding. Ortner is welding the transponder to the carrier, hermetically sealed by a transponder holder. It then complies exactly with the design offered by the supplier. There is no geometric modification at the carrier any way. Ortner creates a welding seam that neither results in surface, nor mechanical alterations. When adhasives are used it would repeatedly result in evaporations  and the result is contamination and the loss of production. Mechanical attachments using a clip would also lead to frictions and particle formation.

With this cost-effective retrofit solution for wafer carriers with RFID tags by Fabmatics are mature semiconductor fabs able to identify their products automatically and secure. RFID is a basic requirement for further automization of production and logistics processes.

Best Practice:
Case Study at Elmos Semiconductor AG in Dortmund