Here, Fabmatics supports your endeavors with the following offer:

We can analyze your challenges and develop, jointly with you, tailor-made solutions, also and especially for areas which have so far required manual processes, since standard solutions proved to be inapplicable.

Everything from one source: We possess a wide product portfolio consisting of hardware and software which covers all and any material flow processes, including the product identification, shipments and storage as well as loading and unloading machines.

A permanent contact will accompany you through the entire project – from the planning phase until the system is handed over ready for operation. Thereafter, we are quite prepared to service the system over its entire life.

We are part of a powerful network of partners in the industry. Should the scope of your assignment exceed the scope of our offer, we have competent business partners on our side that will only be too happy to assist you in this respect.

This means for you:

  • Solution of your problems at defined costs
  • Outsourcing responsibility
  • Inspiration and innovation
  • Setting up a few own resources only
  • Adherence to schedules and ensured quality