Fabmatics, headquartered in Dresden/Germany, is an experienced specialist for the automation of material flows and handling processes in semiconductor factories, semiconductor process plants and other high-tech production environments.

Founded in 1991, the company has been successfully implementing customer-specific automation projects in the semiconductor industry for more than 30 years. This results in a strong market position, especially in the modernization of 200-millimeter semiconductor factories worldwide.

The range of services comprises a modular product range consisting of hardware and software for the automation of handling, transport and storage processes as well as solutions for product identification and localization. The range is supplemented by consulting and development services from the company’s own R&D department for the realisation of customer-specific solutions with a unique depth of individualisation and maximum functional reliability.

Fabmatics, including its subsidiary Fabmatics USA Inc. in Utica (New York), is world-wide active and employs at present approximately 300 employees. Dr. Roland Giesen and Dr. Andreas Purath are the managing directors. Fabmatics is member in the world-wide industry association SEMI, in the high-tech network Silicon Saxony and in the AND Automation Network Dresden.


By bundeling the expertise and activities of its predecessors, Fabmatics GmbH is gaining a strong market position internationally, especially in the modernization of 200MM semiconductor factories. Currently, there are some two-hundred 200MM factories world-wide. In light of rising global cost pressure, a majority of semiconductor manufacturers is expected to modernise their factories and to automate processes significantly as a result.

What makes us different

Fabmatics has the unique competence to offer complex automation, robotics and handling systems for the use under cleanroom conditions, from hardware and software, from consulting and development to production and installation to after sales service – all from a single source.