What will you gain from automating your material flows:

  • Optimized personnel costs
  • Reduced investment costs by improving the plant utilization and efficiency
  • Faster „Time to Market“ processes and lower storage costs as a result of shorter throughput times
  • Increased yield due to improved quality as a result of the reduction of manual sources of error
  • Increased production efficiency as a result of flattened WIP shafts which can be processed faster
  • Customer satisfaction due to the improved quality and prediction accuracy as well as a complete traceability of the products

Why Fabmatics?

Because we are one of the leading system integrators of the European semiconductor industry.

Avail yourself of our comprehensive automation expertise. We have successfully implemented automation projects for more than 20 years. Our largest potential is our comprehensive know-how which we have acquired in the course of executing these orders, since each of the projects we implemented and each of the products we developed constitute an individual challenge under technical, logistic or spatial aspects. Besides, an external partner like us will help you looking at things in a different way.

Because we have specialized in retrofitting existing semiconductor factories.

We can cope with the challenges of subsequently automating older factories: little space, historically grown factory layouts and non-standardized load ports. And now something absolutely special: We shall automate your factory without having to disrupt production.

Because you get everything from one source.

The automation solutions from Fabmatics cover the entire spectrum of the material flow processes – from the product identification and localization through to transport and intermediate storage right up to loading and unloading the production plants, with both hardware and software being included. Fabmatics will assume the entire responsibility for your automation project. In doing so, we shall accompany you through all the project phases, i.e. the analysis, the planning and development, the manufacture and installation as well as the after-sales service.