Here is what we can do for you:

The automation of the handling processes required at and in your system can make a crucial contribution to reducing contamination and to support you attaining your targets.We are the specialists for the automation of sensitive and precise handling processes, especially for cleanroom applications. We will only be too pleased to develop the right equiment-front-end-modules (EFEM) for you. In addition to that, we can also automate handling tasks that are integrated in your process and measuring systems.

Why Fabmatics?

Because we are the cleanroom experts.

We have the unique know-how for the design of handling, robotic and automation solutions that are suitable for cleanrooms up to class ISO1 and cleaner. Our own cleanroom production capacity enables us to manufacture clean robot systems for highly specialized operational environments, which includes the production of assemblies, components and precision parts .

Because we are pioneers.

Do open up the Nano world with us! Fabmatics belongs to the pioneers at international level that are able with their handling and robotic solutions to meet the challenges of the EUV lithography for nano structures.

Cooperating with us means for you:

  • Value added for your customers by integrating leading edge components as sub-system of your system
  • Reducing contamination by eliminating manual product handling
  • No resource development required for this kind of specialization
  • Meeting the strictest cleanroom requirements, <ISO 1
  • High economic efficiency