Fabmatics is supported in the following projects:

Funding programme “External R&D Services”

The funding program supports the cooperation of Fabmatics GmbH with the Dresden University of Technology as an external research institution. Through cooperation in research and development, successful innovations can be created and products and associated processes can be improved in a future-oriented way. The current project investigates influencing factors in the transmission of robot paths.

The promotion is made available from means of the European fund for regional development (EFRE)


Funding programme “Research and development/product innovation”

The project “Responsive Fab – Basics and Concepts for the Design of an Automatically Reactive Semiconductor Fab” is funded under this programme. Modern 300mm semiconductor factories have a high degree of automation with constantly growing demand. Especially in the field of subsequent automation of existing environments that are not prepared for this infrastructure, it is necessary to develop new, flexible systems and solutions adapted to the special requirements. In this project, Fabmatics GmbH is researching the necessary foundations for the subsequent automation of the transport and handling processes of non-compliant transport containers with special properties.

The funding is provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


Funding programme “InnoExpert”

The programme serves to improve cooperation between science and industry and to strengthen the innovative strength of Saxon companies. As part of this program, Fabmatics GmbH is installing an “InnoManager” in its company. The task of the InnoManager is the targeted coordination and control of the complex development tasks of the mobile robotics team as well as the monitoring of technology trends. The aim is to expand the basis for a future-oriented further development of mobile robotics with internal partners and external research institutions.

Funding is provided by the European Social Fund (ESF)


Funding programme “Collaborative Training”

The programme serves to strengthen in-company vocational training. The aim of our project within the framework of this programme is to improve the quality of training and increase the training place potential of Fabmatics GmbH. The practical training in the training workshops and the test and trial rooms of the Dresden Chip Academy, which takes place in addition to the in-house training, is promoted.

The funding is provided by the European Social Fund (ESF)