Our fleet management system (HSFM) is responsible for the administration and control of several mobile robots (HEROs, SCOUTs) in a robot fleet. Specially developed scheduling algorithms and optimized route planning enable efficient use and operation in the area of fleet manager responsibility.


  • Throughput-optimized scheduling and dispatching of a vehicle fleet
  • Route-optimized routing in shared areas
  • 100% compliant SEMI E82 interface to host system/MCS (based on SEMI E5, E30, E37)
  • Display of vehicle conditions, material location and processing progress of transport orders
  • Parallel operation of various AGVs/mobile robots possible
  • Load management of existing vehicle fleet
  • Operating system independent (only a Java runtime environment is required)
  • Optionally web-based visualization and user interface
  • Optionally switchable vehicle emulator for simulation and test purposes
  • Customer-specific adaptations can be easily integrated into existing host interface