The new SCOUT® is an autonomously navigating, mobile robot for flexible material transport in semiconductor factories. Due to its modular hardware & software design SCOUT® allows scaling in size, form and handling unit. Therefore the robot can be adapted to any customer requirements.

A wide range of transport and handling tasks can be carried out with one basic vehicle type. This leads to low costs for maintenance procedures, the stocking of spare parts or product training. In addition, the footprint of automation technology in the production area is minimized, which is particularly advantageous in cost-intensive cleanroom environments.

It is the 20th Innovation Award of the Free State of Saxony. It honours innovative products, services, processes, procedures or social models of companies. The nominees include 10 companies from 24 applications from 7 sectors and 11 regions.

The next round will begin on 22 May 2019 and Fabmatics will present the SCOUT®, an innovative product in the field of mobile robotics in cleanrooms, to the futureSAX competition jury. The winners will be announced at the futureSAX Innovation Conference on 19 June 2019.