Mobile robot in cleanrooms

SCOUT® by Fabmatics is an automated guided vehicle (AGV) for flexible material transport in semiconductor fabs and other clean production environments. SCOUT® has been developed in cooperation with the MetraLabs GmbH, a specialist for mobile robot platforms.

It navigates autonomously and does not require any guidance systems on the floor or on the ceiling. Once it has been programmed, it is capable of transporting materials and products between any points in the fab, taking measurements, and providing tools and auxiliaries without the presence of an operator.

Its compact size and extreme agility make it very flexible, and thanks to its reliable sensor technology, it can even be used safely in areas where people and machines work closely together.

SCOUT® is the ideal alternative if a permanently installed transport system like a rail or conveyor system cannot be implemented or would be too expensive.

SCOUT® models:

  • SCOUT®cargo for passive transportation
  • SCOUT®active with 6-axis-robot
  • SCOUT®triax with 3-axis-handling unit for Reticle Boxes
  • SCOUT®triax300 for 300mm FOUP handling
  • SCOUT®roro with conveyor unit
  • SCOUT®substrate for transportation of glass substrates


  • Autonomous navigation
  • Proven cleanroom suitability up to ISO class 3/US FED class 1
  • Daily working period up to approx. 18 hours with 5 hours of charging
  • Detection of the environment and people and avoidance of hindrances including permanent, optimized path planning via use of innovative 3D sensor technology
  • Moderate investment and low operating costs