The purge system by Fabmatics flushes the FOUPs with the wafers with nitrogen during their storage in the stocker. Overall, 200 storage bins in an existing FOUP stocker of the Murata company were fitted with the purge system after an appropriate modification of the bin shelves. The activation of each individual purge bin and the fitting of each bin with electronics for monitoring the purge process are especially advantageous. The system provides information about the status and the configuration of all purge bins and the individual system modules via a web GUI, and it is also connected with the stocker controller. Oxygen monitoring ensures the necessary safety after entering the system and automatic shut-off of the flushing gas in case of danger.

The stocker purge system features a modular design and is laid out for retrofitting all sizes of Murata frame type bin shelf stockers for 300mm FOUPs under adjusted storage capacity.

The system has now been in operation for 6 months without any Problems.