Fabmatics GmbH, one of the leading providers of industry 4.0 solutions, especially for the automation of material flows and handling processes in high-tech production environments, is one of the most innovative and fastest growing medium-sized companies in Germany.
This is the result of two studies conducted by the management consultancy Munich Strategy in cooperation with the Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche. In the Handelsblatt ranking “TOP 100 medium-sized companies 2020” Fabmatics is ranked 35th. In the WirtschaftsWoche study “Innovation Champions 2020 – Exclusive Ranking of the most innovative medium-sized companies” the company made it to 91st place and thus confirmed its successful path.

It was only through the merger of Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH and HAP GmbH in 2016 that today’s Fabmatics GmbH was formed. The products of the two companies, founded in the 1990s, complemented each other almost perfectly, especially in the field of factory automation in the semiconductor industry, so that the merger allowed the companies to focus even more strongly on projects in the area of Industry 4.0/Smart Factories. With the tailwind of the worldwide expansion of factory automation in the semiconductor industry and other high technology sectors, the newly created company invested in its own excellent products, an efficient, customer-oriented service organization and last but not least in 3,500 m² of new office and production space – including a 500 m² class ISO 7 clean room.

Fabmatics GmbH remained true to its core competence – retrofitting older 200mm factories to make them fit for future market requirements. This strategy was confirmed, because already in the year of the merger Fabmatics was commissioned by Robert Bosch GmbH from Reutlingen with the automation of a production area of their 200mm semiconductor factory to the amount of 3.3 million EUR.

Parallel to the capacity expansions, the successful HERO Fab robotics product series was brought into series production and the cooperation in the area of research and development with partners was accelerated. In 2019, the company was able to secure 2nd place at the “Saxon Innovation Award” with the freely navigating, mobile robot SCOUT, which, due to its modular design, allows scaling in size and shape as well as the handling unit, thus also proving its innovative ability.
With a broad product portfolio covering all aspects of factory automation, its American, European and Asian customer base, as well as its current workforce of around 200 dedicated employees and a long-term innovation and diversification strategy, the company is excellently equipped to meet current and future challenges.

About “TOP 100 medium-sized companies 2020”
For the ranking “TOP 100 Mittelstand 2020” more than 4,000 German companies from all industries with annual sales between 10 million and 1 billion euros were examined. The “TOP 100” companies were determined on the basis of their long-term growth and profitability. The selection is based on the performance of the companies in the years 2015 to 2018/2019, half of which is made up of average sales growth and half of the average EBIT ratio of the companies.

The results of the ranking were presented in the Handelsblatt and handelsblatt.com on October 27, 2020.

About “TOP 100 Innovation Champions”
The TOP 100 Innovation Champions were selected from more than 3,500 medium-sized German companies for the innovation ranking. The evaluation is based on an innovation score, two-thirds of which is calculated on the basis of the innovative strength and one-third on the performance of the companies.
The results of the ranking and the portraits of selected champions were published in WirtschaftsWoche and on wiwo.de on September 25.