On July 2nd it was time again: On “Genial Sozial” day Fabmatics received strong support by an school pupil of class eight from Goethe Gymnasium Bischofswerda and school pupil of class nine from Vitzthum-Gymnasium Dresden. The two boys helped our employees in shipping, manufacturing and mechanical engineering.

For example, shipping documents were created, spare parts were packed for cleanrooms and pick-ups were booked. Of course, it was also possible to take a look at customs and commercial aspects. In manufacturing, important production drawings of CNC milling machines had to be sorted and filed correctly. In engineering, Excel lists were created for SAP articles and warning and information signs were created in PowerPoint. Of course, the boys could also take a look at the Fabmatics robot test area.

The money earned from the project is transferred from Fabmatics to a designated account. About 30% of the money for social projects goes to the own school. The other part is donated to young people in poorer countries to improve their education and living conditions. Apart from the feeling of having done something really good, the day also gives the pupils insights into various professional fields and activities. And perhaps we have already been able to win some Fabmatics young talents…

Fabmatics Christoph Z.
Christoph Z. at work.