“Do you know the names of all your bees?”🐝

This was the most charming question asked by children at our Fabmatics family event on September 9. With about 50,000 busy little bees in our bee meadow, we unfortunately had to answer in the negative. But we could inform that our queen is called Gisela!

And of course there were many other interesting things to learn about the colorful Fabmatics world, e.g.:

  • that the overshoes in our production are blue in color.
  • that there are a total of four huge paternoster racks in our warehouse (which can even deliver gummy bears on special days!).
  • that a maximum of 100,000 particles per cubic meter of air is allowed in our clean room.
  • that the robot arms of our HEROFab and HERORail mobile robots have six moving axes.

It was a huge pleasure for us to welcome our employees and their families to the Fabmatics site. Together we spent a wonderful summer day with homemade cake, delicious ice cream, waffles and many activities for big and small people. Bright children’s eyes and happy faces included!

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