• Founded by four Dresden-based businesses: “11th innovationsforum for automation” gathers international industry leaders in Dresden
  • Focus: automation trends in the semiconductor and solar sectors
  • Dresden Fab Automation Cluster welcoming over 200 guests from the industry’s leading companies and organizations such Bosch, Fraunhofer, Globalfoundries, IBM, Infineon, IMEC, Jenoptik, Osram and the and high-ranking representatives in science and technology
  • Automation specialists: “Current developments in semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing call for automation as a key success factor for business development”

Dresden, January 23, 2014. European companies in semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing are facing fierce competition from all over the world. In the years to come major investments in the industry will spark further development. These circumstances call for efficient manufacturing processes for a maximum return on investment. Smart software and hardware are the key success factors for increased competitiveness. Automation is the key-word describing this process best and Dresden is the top location for automation technology.

The international participants of the “11th innovationsforum for automation” will discuss current industry developments and challenges in the automation of semiconductor and hight-tech manufacturing. Infineon will be hosting this year’s event, organized by the Dresden Fab Automation Cluster. The Dresden Fab Automation Cluster is an initiative of the four Dresden automation specialists HAP GmbH, Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH, AIS Automation Dresden GmbH and SYSTEMA GmbH.

Automation is the future of European manufacturing: Industry 4.0

The skill set of the Dresden Fab Automation Cluster is becoming increasingly important for process control and factory automation. Recently HAP has been named one of the TOP100 – Innovators and Ortner received much attention when introducing its autonomous robot SCOUT in 2013.

Take control of Big Data und put it to work

Equipment is becoming smarter every year and intelligent systems are providing more production and process data than ever. Experts like SYSTEMA successfully take on the big-data challenge and will be discussing solutions with integrated systems to use this data for cost reduction and increasing efficiency on the shop floor.

Increase productivity of existing equipment

Coping with ever increasing requirements for the next step in industrial automation is a challenge for existing equipment across the shop floor. Data output must be increased and AIS Automation will be presenting a project report of a flexible and affordable solution that handles these requirements.

Innovation Award

Every year the organizers of  the “Innovationsforum”  award the “Innovation Award for Automation”. This year’s prize winner is Carl Zeiss SMS Jena. Fully automated inspection tools for masks of semiconductor industry from Carl Zeiss SMS are world-leader, and Carl Zeiss SMS does pioneer work in EUV-technology.