Dresden, 31 August 2016. The merged companies HAP Handhabungs-, Automatisierungs- und Präzisionstechnik GmbH Dresden and Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH will commence operations under the name Fabmatics GmbH effective 1 September 2016. Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH’s former American subsidiary will likewise be renamed Fabmatics USA Inc.

Referring to the merged companies, Fabmatics GmbH managing shareholder Dr. Steffen Pollack states “Fabmatics GmbH represents the creation of a future-oriented, powerful and innovative automation specialist for material flow and handling processes in semiconductor factories and other high-tech production settings. We are confident that together we can look forward to a bright future and that we will continue to be among the leading providers of automation solutions in the semiconductor industry under our new name.”

The name change marks the conclusion of the consolidation process for a merged company that will continue to be managed by its owners. The Meyer Burger (Germany) AG sold its two subsidiaries Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH and Roth & Rau Ortner USA to HAP Holding GmbH, the parent company of HAP GmbH Dresden, on 31 August 2015.

Heinz Martin Esser, also a managing director at Fabmatics GmbH, explains the benefits of the merger: “With our workforce that now totals 160 employees, increased product offerings and Fabmatics USA Inc. we are able to offer our customers a range of products and services that is even more extensive, flexible and professional than before – all from a single source.” Bundling the expertise and work of both companies vaults Fabmatics GmbH into a leading role in the international market, especially where the modernisation of older 200mm semiconductor factories is concerned. Fabmatics USA Inc. is being expanded for just this purpose. In addition to the service business, a competence center for automation is being built at the Sandy, Utah location in order to be able to work even more closely with American customers going forward.

One of the many signs that customers appreciate the performance capabilities and innovative drive of the two companies is the fact that Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen, awarded an additional contract to the companies at the start of the year to automate a production line at a 200mm semiconductor factory. The contract is worth some € 3.3 million and relates to the automated feeding of wafers into the production systems including transportation via conveyor lines, interim buffering of the carriers via storage systems under the clean room ceiling and machine loading with the aid of stationary and mobile robots.

“As a result of the merger of Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH und HAP GmbH Dresden, we are able to offer our customers in the semiconductor industry complex and integrated solutions in the material flow automation area all from a single source,” adds Thomas Tettenborn, responsible equity manager at Süd Beteiligungen GmbH. Süd Beteiligungen previously provided support to HAP in the form of a succession solution in 2014 and has played a role as an active and committed minority shareholder in HAP ever since.

One of the focal points of Fabmatics is retrofitting 200mm factories in order to make them fit for future market demands. Currently, there are some two-hundred 200mm factories world-wide. In light of rising global cost pressure, a majority of semiconductor manufacturers is expected to modernise their factories and to automate processes significantly as a result. The international industry association SEMI expects that 200mm factory capacities will hit the record figures from 2006 in 2018[1]. An increasing share of the investments expected to be needed for this – some $ 3.4 billion[2] – will flow into productivity-boosting automation projects. In addition, the automation specialist is also considering projects in the electronics, medical technology and pharmaceuticals sectors. “Large consolidated companies are setting their budgets for new automation / Industry 4.0 projects in exactly these high-tech sectors right now in order to be able to secure their competitiveness over the long term. Our modular product range that includes both hardware and software, combined with innovations from our own R&D department, puts us in a position to offer customer-specific solutions with a unique degree of customisation and the highest-level of functionality,” explains Dr. Pollack. “In addition, we stand out as a result of our exceptional expertise in the area of handling and modules for future semiconductor technologies, for example EUV lithography. This segment likewise has potential for growth through innovation,” adds Dr. Pollack.

The path has been set for growth as a result of the merger. For example, the automation specialist from Saxony plans to move into share space with their own clean room. As a result, Fabmatics will conduct research and production in some 3,500 m2 office and production space in the MicroPolis industrial park, located on the North side of Dresden. The company will also be given a new corporate identity. Fabmatics will use the following logo going forward:

Logo Fabmatics GmbH in Dresden
“Furthermore, we want to continue to make a contribution to activities and projects in the Saxon, European and international semiconductor community. As a medium-size company, we have special ties to Europe’s largest microelectronic location and want to continue to play an active role in this dynamic innovative ecosystem. For example, where the initiation of new research and development projects are involved,” says Heinz Martin Esser.

In addition, as an international company open to the world of ideas, Fabmatics is constantly on the look out for qualified and committed employees who have the opportunity to realise their ideas for creating tightly integrated, automated industrial production solutions. Going forward, the homepage for the merged companies may be found at www.fabmatics.com, starting September 1, 2016.

About Fabmatics:
Fabmatics GmbH, with its headquarters in Dresden, is an experienced provider of Industry 4.0 solutions, in particular for the automation of material flows and handling processes in high-tech production environments. Fabmatics is the result of the merger of HAP Handhabungs-, Automatisierungs- und Präzisionstechnik GmbH Dresden and Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH along with its American subsidiary Roth & Rau – Ortner USA, Inc. Both predecessor companies have their origins in the semiconductor industry where they have been implementing automation projects with great success for more than 20 years. This has also created a strong market position for the modernisation of 200mm semiconductor factories around the world. Owner-managed Fabmatics, including its subsidiary Fabmatics USA Inc. located in Sandy, Utah, does business around the world and currently has some 160 employees, generating sales of some € 25 million. Fabmatics is a member of global industry association SEMI, of the high-tech network Silicon Saxony e.V. and the AND Automation Network Dresden.

About Süd Beteiligungen:
Süd BG is a 100% subsidiary of LBBW and supports high-growth medium-size companies with individual, custom-tailored equity and hybrid-equity solutions with a focus on growth financing and business succession. Süd Beteiligungen GmbH currently holds equity interests in more than 40 companies in a variety of industries and has capital under management of more than € 500 million.

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[1] Source: http://www.semi.org/en/foundries-takeover-200mm-fab-capacity-2018
[2] Source: SEMI Global 200mm Fab Outlook to 2018, October 2015, San Jose, USA