Dresden, October 8, 2013. From October 8th to 10th 2013 Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH presents Scout active , its new mobile robot for cleanroom applications during SEMICON Europa (Via Mobile 4). As a specialist for fab automation, the company has developed the autonomously navigating robot together with its partner MetraLabs GmbH.

Equipped with a 6-axis-robot, Scout active can execute transport jobs in semiconductor fabs as well as in other ultraclean environments. It can not only transport wafer cassettes, but it also can pick and place those where needed. “Up to now, Scout has been known as a transport vehicle only”, says Dr. Karli Hantzschmann, Division Manager Automation of Roth & Rau – Ortner. “Now it becomes an active system, which takes over transport jobs as well material handling tasks from busy operators – thus Fabs can operate more efficiently and save valuable time and cost.”

Autonomously operating SCOUT for efficient material transport in Semiconductor Factories

Scout navigates autonomously and does not require any additional infrastructure, neither on the floor nor on the ceiling. Via WiFi and a Graphical User Interface new transport jobs can be issued, and important status information like its current position can be displayed. Scout is cleanroom proven up to ISO class 3/ US FED 1 and has shown its reliability with over 5.000 km of operational performance.

Scout can be integrated wherever a permanently installed transport system such as rails or a conveyor system cannot be implemented or would be too expensive. “With its compact size and reliable sensor technology Scout can operate safely in areas where people and machines work very closely together.” explains Dr. Hantzschmann. Scout is capable of moving various materials and products between any points in the fab; it can take measurements and provide tools and auxiliaries where needed. Equipped with different handling units, (i.e. robot-arms or linear-axis) or transport features, (i.e. for SMIF Pods and HA 200 boxes), Scout can be individually configured to customers’ specific needs.

Smart Automation Solutions for more competitive Semiconductor Factories

Scout is an integral part of Roth & Rau – Ortner’s “Missing Link” concept, which offers tailor made automation solutions for existing semiconductor fabs. Its main focus lies in manufacturing and is well-suited for semi-automated-production. In older fabs manual material handling between production steps is quite common. “This uses up valuable manpower, it is time consuming and it generates significant cost, and on top of that, it is error-prone. For these production lines, Ortner has individually designed technology for wafer and cassette handling in cleanrooms, custom made for making fabs more competitive.” comments Dr. Karli Hantzschmann.

More Information: www.rr-ortner.com, www.meyerburger.com

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