REWE Team Challenge 2024

Running alongside 28,500 people – Wow! With nine teams, totaling 36 runners, we hit the starting line at the Rewe Team Challenge in Dresden on June 12, 2024 – more than ever before.

“This challenge is a special event for us because it brings together all kinds of participants. From highly trained runners, to beginners – from young ‘wild ones,’ to seasoned ‘hares,’ we had it all,”

said Managing Director Andreas Purath, who was also among the runners.

Dresden Dragon Boat Festival 2024

And just three days later, it was “Cast off!” for the Fabmatics “Material Flow Pirates”. The participation at the Dresden Dragon Boat Festival has long been a tradition for Fabmatics. Fueled by the incredible atmosphere of the Dresden Elbe Valley, 18 paddlers faced the 400-meter race course in 2024.

With a drummer setting the pace at the front and a rallying cry pushing everyone to their limits (“Hip Hip HERO!”), the Fabmatics team demonstrated what true teamwork, endurance, and passion mean, even if victory eluded us this time.

The race photos speak volumes – every Material Flow Pirate gave their all.


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