A hero’s success story – Mobile robot in the cleanroom

It’s done! The 100th HERO Fab left the Fabmatics production hall in Dresden in March 2024. 100 units have been manufactured by our team over the years, put into operation and successfully dispatched to renowned semiconductor fabs worldwide.

Within the pristine confines of the cleanroom, these tireless robots execute their job 24 hours a day, They reliably carry out transport jobs between process systems as well as handling tasks for loading and unloading process systems. The HERO Fab combines a proven, clean and safe robot system with an innovative drive unit (AGV/FTS).

In the realm of semiconductor manufacturing, the transportation of high-value wafers demands precision, particle-free environments, and utmost safety. It’s a task tailor-made for true heroes! Our HERO Fabs empower our clients to optimize material flows within their fabs, thus maximizing production capacities day in, day out.

HERO Fab from Fabmatics conquers the semiconductor world

Over the years, our HERO Fab series has gone through many stages of development – attuned to the evolving needs of our clientele. Optimized for the 200mm and 300mm cleanrooms in semiconductor factories, it was able to leave its footprint first in Europe, then in Asia and finally in the USA.

As with every hero, our HERO Fab did not achieve these successes alone. He had visionary creators, tireless supporters and understanding helpers at his side. Without our great team of developers, engineers, technicians, commissioning engineers and maintenance technicians, this success would not be possible.

Yet, the saga continues! Fabmatics persists in its quest to script further chapters in the heroic journey of our HERO Fab. After all, what would a real heroic adventure be without a sequel? With new heroes already in the making at our Dresden headquarters, we’re committed to ensuring the seamless and secure flow of materials well into the future.

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The HERO Fab in its different variants – HERO Fab 200 (latest generation), HERO Fab Wet, HERO Fab 300 and the HERO Fab 200.