The constant demand for identical, high-quality products with decreasing costs is only one cause for the global trend of factory automation. Especially the semiconductor industry focuses on a high level of cleanliness, safety and precision. This can only be achieved by automation.

At the same time there is the need to respond quickly and flexibly to customer inquiries.

To cover these demands HAP GmbH Dresden is offering customized, extremely clean and extremely safe Handling, Automation and Precision technology solutions for the semiconductor and other industries.

The HAP-HERO® FAB combines an established, clean and safe robot system with an innovative vehicle unit. It is designed to fully automatically load and unload process tools, and enable fast transportation between process tools and the transport system in the cleanroom. Based on the proven rail solution of the HAP-HERO® product family, the carrier handler HAP-HERO® FAB offers the opportunity to drive freely, without any rail or cable connection in the cleanroom. An intelligent navigation system combined with an innovative energy management provides ideal conditions for the automation of systems and entire factories.

In addition to the object safety, the HAP-HERO® FAB fulfills the challenges of the close collaboration between man and machine operating in the same work space. Personal safety is guaranteed at different, cost-optimized levels, depending on the degree of interaction between man and machine.

Due to the use of modular blocks and harmonized interfaces, the integration of new equipment in the fab automation can be carried out in a quick way and with minimal downtimes.

HAP-HERO® FAB allows seeing automation in a new light. Modifications are a daily routine for HAP in order to offer customized solutions.