The Digital Product Factory (DPF) is an innovation program of the Smart Systems Hub from Dresden, Germany. It enables the development of digital products in a cross-industry and cross-functional team in just three months.

This time, the challenge is set by us, Fabmatics. Under the leadership of the Smart Systems Hub, we will work with partners Wandelbots and T-Systems MMS on autonomous robots in the context of Industry 4.0. The central topics of the challenge range from data processing & analysis to artificial intelligence and robotics.

The task of the Smart Systems Hub is to provide the virtual and physical innovation spaces necessary for the development of solutions, to methodically accompany the solution finding and product development, to provide the international team of experts and developers and to orchestrate them in the sense of the formulated challenge.

Challenge and Implementation

The central topics of the challenge for DPF#5 cover the areas of robotics, data processing and analysis and the business models derived from these. As the “Challenge Owner”, we are a medium-sized high-tech company that develops, manufactures and integrates automation equipment into the production of leading global semiconductor manufacturers.

Our robotics solutions cover large parts of the automation needs of production environments of all chip sizes with transport, sorting and special applications.

In our challenge we will deal with our autonomously driving robots. In addition to requirements for their control environment, the need for further use cases based on Big Data is also growing among end customers. Tight workload situations worldwide pose special challenges to the central logistic processes of tools and thus to equipment suppliers like Fabmatics.

We are excited about this opportunity to collaborate with the innovation network – Smart Systems Hub – to advance our digital agenda. Thanks to the agile co-working methods in the Digital Product Factory and the expertise of our project partners T-Systems MMS and Wandelbots, we will learn at high speed, create results and master the challenge!

The Smart Systems Hub team regularly shares project progress on LinkedIn and Twitter. We will also keep you updated on the Fabmatics LinkedIn channel.

Duration of the Challenge: March 1, 2022 – May 27, 2022.
Venue: virtual & in Dresden

Information about “Digital Product Factory#5” with Fabmatics
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