We have taken the following measures to protect the health of our employees and to ensure our business operations as far as possible:

Formation of a corona crisis team

At the beginning of March, we set up a crisis team to discuss all issues related to the corona pandemic on a daily basis, make decisions and communicate these quickly and clearly to the relevant interest groups. For this purpose we are in close contact with other companies and follow the recommendations and instructions of the responsible authorities.

Customer/supplier communication

Wherever possible, we currently avoid business trips and personal meetings. For communication with our business partners we use all possibilities of digital communication such as telephony, e-mail, Skype meetings or video conferences.

Protection of the workforce

At present we have no case at Fabmatics that has tested positive for Corona. Colleagues with cold symptoms stay at home and are not allowed to enter the company premises. They are also trained in how to behave in case of a suspected corona.

In order to minimize the risk of infection at the Fabmatics site as far as possible, our employees work mainly at home or in a multi-shift operation. The workplaces of employees who are present in the office and on the factory floor are physically separated. Also for break times, all precautionary measures have been taken to ensure that the recommended minimum distance between people is maintained.

Furthermore, our employees were trained in all currently indispensable hygiene measures such as washing their hands several times, not shaking hands, coughing and sneezing rules, etc., and reminded of these by means of appropriate notices.

Securing our delivery and service promise

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. That is why we work hard to deliver our products and systems on time, even under these exceptional circumstances. For this purpose we permanently monitor and evaluate our supply chains. We work closely with our suppliers and carriers to ensure continuous operation and the best possible procurement.

If your orders are affected by delays in delivery, Fabmatics will notify you immediately.

Service operations

We make every effort to carry out all installation, commissioning and service work at customer sites as planned. Respecting the corona rules of our customers has top priority. In addition, all operations are carefully examined from a risk perspective to protect our employees. All trips to the risk areas defined by the WHO are postponed to a later date after consultation with the customer.

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Please get in touch with the contact persons you know or or send us an email.

We will keep you informed about changes and new developments.

Please let us all together deal with this extraordinary crisis in a calm, responsible and solidary manner.

Your Fabmatics GmbH