Are you ready? Attention. Go!

On Saturday, June 17, 2023 – in front of the beautiful scenery of the Blue Wonder on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden – our battle cry: “Hip Hip, HERO!” resounded again through the Elbe Valley. 19 highly motivated “Materialflusspiraten” (aka Pirates of the Material Flow) took a seat in a dragon boat – provided by the WSV “Am Blauen Wunder” e.V. – and faced the 400m long competition course. Participation in the Dresden Dragon Boat Festival has long been a tradition at Fabmatics. Already in 2006 our first dragon boat team flew down the Elbe. This year there were almost twice as many teams at the start of the Dragon Boat Festival as last year: the organizers counted almost 60 teams with over 1,000 active participants. Hence, was a fanatastic atmosphere could be witnessed on the grounds.

First place in the High-Tech Cup for “Materialflusspiraten”

Inspired by the incredible atmosphere on site, our team was in top form. With team spirit, sense of tact, perseverance and that last bit of luck, we were able to win first place in the High-Tech Cup.

We would like to thank our great team who, as always, gave their all with lots of fun, humor and passion!  A big thank you also goes to the organizers who once again put on a unique event!