Smart Textiles – a new field of innvation
The use and development of Smart Textiles was being discussed at the forum for the first time. Ivana Cujic from RWTH Aachen University, spoke about the latest state of research and existing challenges. Textiles and electronics combined will revolutionize communication, health and safety.

Innovations Award goes to Hewlett-Packard
Every year the organizers of the “Innovationsforum” grant the “Innovations Award for Automation”. This year’s prize winner is Hewlett-Packard USA. For the production of modern printing technology, an innovative software solution – the Incident Management System – was being developed to accelerate the product development process and for quality assurance during manufacturing. This solution was developed in equal parts in the USA by HP and Germany by SYSTEMA.

Innovationsforum goes USA – DFAC becomes AND
In 2015, the „Innovationsforum for Automation“ will take place in the USA for the first time. „With Hillsboro, Oregon we found an excellent location with a strong presence of semiconductor industry similar to Dresden“, said Heinz Martin Esser, CEO of the Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH and president of the Silicon Saxony e.V. A new member was added to the organisation team to support the Innovationsforum in the USA. XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbH automates production processes and is also located in Dresden. With its new member, the DFAC changed its name to AND – Automation Network Dresden.

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