20 years of Innovation Forum – let’s celebrate!

The Automation Network Dresden (AND) with its member companies (Kontron AIS, Fabmatics, SYSTEMA and XENON) is more than excited to invite you to our anniversary event!

The event will feature automation experts from international technology companies presenting successful application examples for Industry 4.0. and providing insights into the future of factory automation with practical application examples.

This year we were pleased to feature contributions from Infineon, Advanced Mask Technology Center (AMTC), Applied Materials, LAM Research, KLA and Robert Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing Dresden, among others.

The Innovation Forum for Automation is aimed at corporate decision-makers and technical specialists who are looking for technologies, methods and solutions to optimize their industrial manufacturing processes step by step in order to be able to respond as quickly and flexibly as possible to changing customer requirements in production themselves.

In addition to the technical component, the event offers automation enthusiasts a relaxed setting for exchange, discussion and networking.

We look forward to meeting you on site and celebrating 20 years of Innovation Forum together with you!

When: January 26-27, 2023
Where: DGUV Congress Center, Dresden

More information & registration: www.innovation-forum-automation.com