Meet the Fabmatics HERO family! Your winning hand in the automation game

Mobile robots for high-precise loading and efficient transportation jobs in ultra-clean environments

HERO Family by Fabmatics

Our field-proven fleet of mobile robots - our HERO's -  are your perfect match for the handling and transport of wafers, reticles and carriers in the semiconductor industry, as well as for similar substrates in micro and nanoelectronics. They make manual intervention superfluous, helping you to optimize the material flow in your fab.

Navigating their way either autonomously, track- or rail-bound through semiconductor fab's wordwide, they truly are heroes in the cleanroom and make sure that the right material arrives at the right time.

Explore how our automation solutions fit into your manufacturing environment and elevate your fab’s performance, setting new standards for productivity and competitiveness.

HERO Fab by Fabmatics


Automated guided vehicle (AGV) for quick transport and automatic handling of wafer cassettes

The HERO Fab combines an established, clean and safe robot system, with an innovative vehicle (AGV). It is designed to fully automatically load and unload process tools and to enable fast and safe transport of wafer carrieres between load ports, stockers/shelves and racks in the cleanroom.

We offer two versions:

HERO Fab 300
Mobile robot for 300mm FOUP transportation and handling tasks
Mobile robot for 200mm wafer transportation and handling tasks

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Rail-guided vehicle (RGV) for the transport and automated handling of wafer cassettes

This rail guided robot by Fabmatics is able to load and unload process tools and enables a fast carrier transportation from process tools to the transport system in the cleanroom.

The HERO Rail combines a robot system with an innovative drive unit. It is designed to fully automatically load and unload process tools, and enable fast transportation between process tools and the transport system in the cleanroom. The main focus and challenge lie in the interactive co-operation between human and machine – operator and robot.

Reliable and robust, the HERO Rail operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the cleanrooms of semiconductor factories worldwide. As an integral part of an overall system for the fully automated production flow of wafers, it ensures throughput time savings and higher plant utilization.

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HERO Rail by Fabmatics

HERO Scout by Fabmatics

HERO Scout

Advanced mobile robot (AMR) for the automated handling and transportation of reticle pods

The HERO Scout is the newest addition to our HERO family of mobile robots. It's a state-of-the-art AMR, specifically designed for flexible transportation and secure handling of reticle pods in semiconductor manufacturing and cleanroom environments.

Equipped with an innovative 6-axis cobot, the HERO Scout effortlessly manages the loading and unloading of mask load ports at different heights.

As the smallest cleanroom-compatible autonomous mobile robot on the market, it impresses with its ease of use, flexibility, and maximum reach.

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Material Handling Automation by Fabmatics

Comprehensive and fully integrated material flow automation. We make it work!

Fabmatics has been successfully implementing customer-specific automation projects in the semiconductor industry for more than 30 years. Our team of more than 300 experts has the unique competence to offer complex automation, robotics and handling systems for the use under cleanroom conditions, from hardware and software, from consulting and development to production and installation to after sales service.

Each one of our products and solutions can be added and integrated seamlessly into existing production lines – always adapting to our customer’s needs. In addition, our extensive expertise enables us to design, create and implement your greenfield fabs material flow and handling automation from scratch – all from a single source.


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