Mobile in even the smallest room

The Fabmatics Smart Cart is our solution for an independent mobile transport system in cleanrooms. The battery-operated, stainless steel transport trolley is a reliable partner for the logistical challenges presented by semiconductor fabs, the solar segment, by pharma companies, and many other industries that place extreme importance on security and cleanliness.

Especially in case of limited space conditions, the smart cart proves itself as an agile and easily operated means of transport with high load capacity. The built-in filter also ensures that the load always remains in a clean environment during transport.


  • Intelligent controls with multi-functional grip
  • High agility due to the sophisticated servo control system
  • Stageless speed controls for forward and reverse operation, adjustable to any application
  • Load area 100% filtered
  • Load volume up to 500 kg/1,102 lbs
  • Connection to MES via WiFi