Product information

This high-frequency 13.56 MHz RFID read/write device provides a CAN bus interface and easy connection of multiple devices.The HF-CAN was developed by us for secure, fast identification of products and production lots: the device operates in a frequency range of 13.56 MHz and includes a read/write function for all conventional ISO15693-standard HF transponders.Simultaneous reading of multiple lots per bulk is possible with the HF-CAN by default. It is also particularly beneficial, if large amounts of data have to be read at high speed.The HF-CAN features a CAN IN and a CAN OUT connection. Therefore multiple reading devices can be connected with each other more conveniently. This makes it especially useful when working with multiple sequential identification positions, such as with storage systems. Communication with a superordinate system takes place via a CAN controller (CAN2Web Advanced, CAN-Controller).


  • Compact design
  • Network-compatible
  • Robust metal housing
  • Impedance adjustment at antenna connection
  • International RFID Standard